Precision takes time.

Eating right is the key to feeling great, It is all about keeping that energy level high and this is different for each person. Personally speaking for myself if I don’t get my vegetable intake I pay the price. I know it’s the age old mum’s nag, “eat your veggies” I grew up with the meat and three veggies, I like to think of it as that’s what my body is used to. On those weekends where I’m snacking on take away pizza and burgers and to much beer, you soon realise that this is not going to work.

The Monday morning is sluggish and no matter how much I try to eat right my body just knows that it just has not had the right food. Really all I feel like doing is jumping on the lounger and putting on a movie. Your amazing machine of a body knows that the fuel you’ve provided is just not good enough.

Now like most of us we all know that craving the chocolate, nuts, or a bowl of pasta. I’ve learnt over the years to try and listen to what my body is asking for. Changing your eating habits is maybe one of the best things you can do, but it’s no easy task to change a habitual habit.

After taking a real good look at myself I realised that my routines were the cause of my habits. My normal routine is to go off to the supermarket on Friday just after work, it’s hard to resist all those special offers of breads and a few chocolate treats, which I’m normalising tasting on my way back to the car. The thing is that I’ve just added all those easy to eat treats around the place where they are easy to access and watching TV at night I’d jump up and grab a few of the old favourites.

So you are maybe thinking how did it all change. Well, first of all, I stopped going to the shops and grabbed myself a meal plan. I was really surprised when I tried the Life Pack 2200 cal Growth Pack, it’s actually was quite a lot of food. The best thing was I had breakfast lunch and dinner sorted and did not really have to think about the whole cooking thing been a city worker it’s rarely I’m home before 7.30pm and just physically drained from the day.

Changing a habit means you have to stop doing things the way you normally do things.

A small change can set you on your way.

My change was ordering my food online, it really changed things for me. That small change took all that extra thinking out of my day, and to be honest I actually found I had more time in my day and much more energy. The big thing was that Saturday mornings for me use to be this huge clean up from Monday to Friday, plates pots and pans everywhere, I’m sure you get the picture, as I know many of my friends had the exact same problem.

With no pots and pans and kitchen clean up meant that I actually had some free time on Saturday morning so I took advantage of using that time to go for my first bike ride in months, I had bought the bike but just never had time to use it, not to mention the energy. The bike ride was the second habit I changed, I now had extra energy and this eating right was actually going right for once.

On that bike ride, I decided that I’d take the bike to work every second day, not having to think did I have bread, did I have milk, do I need to do a mid week stop at the shops, It was all just there reheat and eat.

It's all the small steps that someday add up to be something big!

The big thing I noticed

Was that food has really moved on since my perception of those yucky microwave meals. I’m not actually a dieter and that stuck idea I had in my head was hard to remove on the first order, I really thought I would buy it once and go back to my old ways.

But shockingly the food was amazing veggies were actually green and fresh and crunchy and I actually was not hungry after eating.
I guess all those years of mum telling me to eat right… I’m finally getting it.

There are no rules. No two people are the same, find what works for you...

& do more of that!

Free your mind.

Variety really is the spice of life, and that was the big thing I noticed that Life Pack actually did have a lot of food options and it was really the food I was cooking anyway the Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken and Veggies, except it was all just ready made. Life Pack also update the menu items which actually encouraged me to try new things. I soon dropped the coffee shop in the morning and was more than satisfied with my bowl of oats 2 mins reheat and eat.

As an office worker lunch time is a night mare, its the $20 coffee shop trip and having my breaky and lunch sorted, I’m sure that coffee shop won’t be open for long!!! But the real advantage those couple of extra trips in the morning and lunch that use to be spent going out and trying to find something to eat, now paid off. I’m actually getting home almost an hour earlier each day, and towards the end of the week, I’m feeling better knowing that I’m getting better sleep and have that bit more energy and feeling much better on a day to day, knowing that all this stuff that actually uses more time than you think is now just a few clicks of the mouse.