So many questions but where do I start?

So which food should I be eating, I want to trim up but need help to make sure I'm on the right track. It's easy to eat delicious clean food, that is good for you. Healthy nutrition is the key to your body. Our delicious meal options will surprise you and come with the added bonus of been Super Healthy. You'll love us because our food is super healthy and convenient. Whats more its all prepared by our in-house Dietitian, Health and Nutrition Coach.

Shaping up

Does not mean you have to eat tasteless food!You are just eating less calories and doing some light exerciseits that easy!

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Have it on hand, and you'll eat the easy choice, its a bit like the cheese sandwich! quick and easy!

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I mean when was the last time your breakfast looked like this?

Oh! I bet you're one of those people who don't eat in the mornings!!! But did you know all our food is developed by dietitians to be balanced, nutritious and good for you. Our prepared meals use quality ingredients, You won't find any gluey rice, wilted salads or over cooked rubbery meats in what we produce, Just deliciously, Clean Meals that are super fresh and cooked to perfection.

This is not Packet Food!

When you order we cook your meals fresh, what's more this food is good for you. Our meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients you get to choose the food you want to eat with the added bonus of it being prepared by our in-house dietitian means, you are eating great tasting food that is good for you. Let us do all the hard work and make it easy to eat Nutritious whole foods that taste delicious!


That's what we are asking you to change, your habits.

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Useful Tools

But always seek advice from an expert, these are just tools to help you. Dietitian, Health And Nutrition Coach Advice is available so if you need to ask our in-house Dietitian and Health and Nutrition Coach team a question? Please use the form on the top of this page or on our contact us page. They will get back with the right advice to you within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

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