Reusable & Recyclable

We’ve chosen Woolcool to protect your temperature sensitive food items because it’s insulating properties easily outperform polystyrene. Woolcool Is also fully reusable and recyclable because we care about your food and we care about our environment.

Temperature Sensitive

Woolcool is 100% natural and an innovative, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable insulated packaging system. This is why we have insisted using it to protect your temperature sensitive products. Woolcool is made from 100% natural, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable felted sheep’s wool, sealed within a recyclable, food grade film. It’s quite simply nature’s insulation!

Insulated Technology

Typically, two rectangular felted Woolcool liners insulate the walls, floor and lid of your rigid cardboard container. Tests have proven that Woolcool keeps chilled goods under 5 degrees for more than 24 hours, under challenging ambient conditions. It also chills food at 5 degrees for 15 hours, in a constant ambient temperature of 40 degrees.

Woolcool Out Preforms Polyethylene & Polystyrene


Woolcool Out Preforms Polyethylene & Polystyrene keeping temperatures as low as 2.5 degrees after a 24 hour period.


Together with your cardboard carton, it becomes stronger and more resilient than polystyrene. It doesn’t break, crack or chip, leaving toxic particles scattered throughout our valued consumers’ homes or our environment. Furthermore, it can be reused multiple times.

24h Protection

With Woolcool, you don’t need to be home when your product is delivered. The thermal properties will maintain your product’s integrity on the front doorstep for many hours. Simply unpack your food items when you arrive home. All that we ask, is that you please keep the cardboard container and Woolcool liners and leave them out on your next delivery for our driver to collect.